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A residential treatment program working with youth since 1976, Buckman and the Oregon Youth Authority first pioneered the design and delivery of highly specialized services specifically for 17-24 year old adjudicated males in 1992. Now ranked one of the most effective treatment programs of its type in Oregon and among the highest rated in the country for use of Evidence-Based Practice, Buckman’s ongoing partnerships with the Oregon Youth Authority have seen the development of a constellation of additional services that are unmatched in the state. This includes providing the latest technological and employment training/job search coaching and support for Buckman clients and other Oregon Youth Authority youth living in the community who need independent living and employment support.


Providing rehabilitative services to males ages 13 to 19 under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Youth Authority who have experienced sexual abuse, Cordero’s reputation as a highly effective residential treatment program serving youth and families who have experienced sexual abuse stems from its evidence informed curriculum first introduced in 1998.

Over a youth’s two year placement, treatment services include mental health services and a comprehensive mental health and psychiatric assessment; individual, family and group counseling and skill building; multi-family education groups and psychiatric medication management. Cordero’s Positive Peer Culture therapeutic model insures a safe, structured, nurturing environment that supports each youth and family in their therapeutic process. Cordero also operates an on-campus high school in conjunction with the Tigard/Tualatin School District.


Working with Oregon’s Department of Human Services, Imani provides rehabilitative services for males ages 13 to 18 and their families who have experienced sexual abuse. Evidence informed services delivered by highly trained staff include individual and group counseling, skill building and family counseling in a highly structured, supervised setting. Continued education support is provided through middle and high school classrooms that support a youth’s educational level and behavioral needs.  Above all, during a young person’s 2 year stay, Imani’s therapeutic model provides an environment for accountability, healing and family reunification.


Annex I

A 120-day transitional living program with a 90 day after-care component for youth ages 18-24, many who have graduated from Buckman, Annex I youth are required to be employed full-time and complete any remaining treatment requirements while residing at Annex I. Annex I provides an environment where youth can “practice” the independent living and social skills they have learned from previous placements prior to living on their own.

Annex I is also the first program of its kind in Oregon to specifically implement the Gay Affirmative Practice Model to address the over-representation of young gay males in the juvenile justice system.

Annex II

A replica of Annex I, Annex II provides transitional living opportunities for young men aged 18-24 under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Youth Authority. While at Annex II, youth are expected to have full-time employment, put into practice independent living and social skills they have learned and complete treatment for drug, alcohol or other risk factors in preparation to successfully live on their own.

Hope Partnership

Hope Partnership creates community connections through special workshops, groups and classes focused on arts, life skills, vocational training and transition services for incarcerated young men and youth in Janus’ Buckman, Annex I and Annex II programs. These activities serve as a complement to the Treatment Support Services for youth in MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility. All events, facilitated by volunteers, encourage positive youth development and provide normalizing experiences and a sense of community to prepare a youth for a successful transition to independent living.

Current and past partnerships include Resolutions Northwest, Partnership for Safety and Justice, Insight Development Group, Goodwill Industries, Morpheus Youth Project, Portland State University, Toastmasters Intl., Ceili of the Valley Society, Portland Highland Games and professional artists, musicians, coaches, writers, educators and community members.

Phone: (503) 982-4454

Rivera House

The Rivera House is an independent living program for LGBTQ young adults ages 18-24 who are re-entering the community under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Youth Authority. The program addresses the special needs and rights of LGBTQ youth and accepts young adults of all gender identities. It is the first program of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. Working with highly trained staff, LGBTQ young adults receive support, connection to appropriate services and guidance in a safe, nurturing environment as they navigate toward independent living. While residing at the Rivera House, residents are required to be employed full-time and demonstrate competency in independent living skills. Upon completion of program, all of the young adults will know their legal rights regarding employment, medical or housing discrimination due to gender expression, identity or sexual orientation.

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