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We are committed to changing lives and building futures
for thousands of local children, youth and families.


It’s quick, easy and secure. Your tax deductible gift can be directed to a specific program or need throughout our organization, and you can give a gift in honor or memory of someone.

With 88¢ of every dollar going directly to help the individuals we work with, your donation will make a difference.

  • $28 provides a month bus pass for a low-income youth
  • $75 provides 3 boxes of infant diapers for a teen mom
  • $50 provides educational materials and art supplies for 15 youth
  • $50 provides infant formula for 1 month for one low-income teen mother
  • $100 provides socks for 50 homeless youth
  • $120 provides winter gloves for 20 homeless youth
  • $150 provides a hot evening meal and breakfast for 60 homeless youth
  • $170 provides a baby stroller for one low-income teen mother
  • $250 provides recreational opportunities for 40 youth in residential care
In-Kind Donations

Our youth need you to believe and support them! Thank you for helping us change lives and build futures!

The Administration office is limited in taking any in-kind donations.
If possible, please coordinate a drop-off time for donations with any of our following programs:

Insights Young Parent Services: 503-239-6996
Street Light Shelter: 503-224-5988
Porch Light Shelter: 503-222-5933
Yellow Brick Road Street Outreach: 503-708-0617
Washington Programs: 360-735-0047 

Our Shelter & Housing Services needs these items year round:

  • New underwear, bras and socks, adult sizes
  • Sweatshirts, sweatpants and leggings. Adult sizes
  • Jeans, size 36 and up preferred
  • Towels, all sizes, large preferred
  • Twin bed sheets, blankets and pillow cases
  • Travel-size toiletries

Please contact the Janus Access Center 503-432-3986

Rosalie Karp
Advancement Director


Strong stock returns can make donating appreciated securities to Janus Youth Programs an attractive tax-saving move. 

Janus Youth Programs is equipped and ready to receive stock donations. Talk with your broker or financial advisor and they can help you decide which security to donate to Janus’ donor account at Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. When making a stock transfer, let Rosalie Karp, Janus’ Advancement Director, know so she can assure you receive a receipt for your donation. She can be reached at (503) 542-4605. 


Dave Jarman
Senior Vice President – Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors
(503) 603-2150.

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
For the Benefit of Janus Youth Programs
DTC #0141
For account number contact: Rosalie Karp at (503) 542-4605

More Ways To Give 

Scholarships for Success – A Bridge to the Future
Help youth who have been successful at Janus achieve their educational goals with a gift to our general Scholarship Fund. Gifts of any size are welcome. A Named Scholarship Fund can be established with a minimum gift of $5,000. Our Scholarship Fund is audited annually by independent auditors.

Name Janus Youth Programs in your will and create a lasting legacy that will help at-risk children, youth and families.

Corporate Match
You may work for a company that matches charitable contributions. If you do, the impact of your contribution will be even greater. Check with your employer for details.

Host a Donation Drive
Host a drive for clothing, socks, hygiene items or toiletries.

Feed The Homeless

Due to health regulations, we can only accept meals that have been prepared in a licensed, commercial kitchen. Meals delivered hot must be received within 30 minutes of being prepared. Prior to delivering your meal, please call us so we can be sure someone is available to receive your food.

How You Can Continue To Help

For years, we have counted on your help to insure that 60 homeless youth have a hot, nutritious meal every night of the year at our two Portland emergency shelters. While we can no longer accept food prepared in a home or church kitchen, you can still provide meals for the 21,900 homeless youth we will shelter in the year ahead…

  • Prepare meals in a licensed, commercial kitchen
  • Purchase frozen meals from Costco or grocery stores
  • Make an on-line donation to fund meals (Select “Meal Makers Program” under Donation Categories)

$5.00 a day provides two meals for a youth; $350 provides two meals for 60 youth

Meal Drop-off Location
1635 SW Alder Street, Portland, Oregon 97205

Meal Delivery
Meal drop off is between 5 and 7 pm on designated day. Please call the Shelter Coordinator, Roy Spencer at 503-860-3482 before delivering meal.

You can choose to provide a meal for one shelter (30 youth) or both shelters (60 youth). 

Meal Suggestions
Lasagna (meat and veggie)
Ravioli, pizza or spaghetti
Meatloaf or Roasted Meats
Goulash or stroganoff
Mac and cheese
Hot dogs
Burritos, nachos or Tacos
Hearty soups or chili
Vegetables (ready to serve)
Vegetarian options

Other Foods We Always Need
Milk and juice
Peanut butter and jelly
Bread and bagels
Sliced cheese
Fruit (canned or fresh)

Meal Portions
Generally, 2-3 large pans will feed one shelter and 5-6 pans will feed both shelters.


Roy Spencer
Porch Light Shelter Coordinator

The Access Center: 503-432-3986


Interested in Volunteering? 

Looking for a speaker?

Want a Janus staff member to come speak to your group about our programs or a specific topic such as youth homelessness? Click here to send an email request with your name, organization, date and time for the speaking event.

Search Our Job Openings

Janus Youth is a non-profit organization that changes the lives of youth every year throughout Oregon and Washington. Help be part of their success!  A leader in creating innovative, community-based services which enhance the quality of life for children, youth and families, we work in partnership with others to create a safe and healthy community. 

Janus Youth Programs is invested in advancing equitable services for all children, youth and families and for all staff. We recognize both advocacy and education about equity is important for the success of marginalized communities. Collaborations with the communities we work with informs our lens.

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  • Demonstrating Respect in our daily interactions by using appropriate language that affirms
    the individual uniqueness, worth, and capability of each child, family, staff and volunteer
    and by creation of welcoming/supportive environments for youth and staff
  • Honoring the Dignity of each individual by meeting people where they are at
  • Building a Culture of Accountability which encourages and supports both personal and
    professional responsibility of staff to constantly increase their personal awareness of issues
    of oppression. We strive to create a safe, nurturing environment which promotes trust,
    honesty, direct communication, and personal/professional growth. Both staff and youth are
    encouraged to “speak out” and “speak up” when someone’s identity is overlooked or
    devalued in any way
  • Providing services and support that are individualized to the unique needs of each youth
    and staff
  • Providing learning experiences for youth through both in-house and community
    experiences that highlight and celebrate all differences (race, culture, gender identity, class)
  • We actively seek out input from youth and staff about areas of success and areas we need
    to focus on for continued growth and improvement
  • Providing ongoing training for staff in the areas of race, culture, gender identity
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