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Interview with New Board President Todd Allais

    Todd Allais

    Janus has a new Board President. Todd Allais is in his sixth year on the Board and is ready to take on his new role. He has been in the Portland area his whole life and is familiar with the community that Janus serves.

    What initially drew you to Janus?
    I became acquainted with Janus through a friend of mine, Kevin Huish, by attending Dinner in the Vines and a couple of other events. I was always interested in and supportive of the organization and its mission. When Kevin moved to Idaho, I spoke with him about filling his spot on the Janus Board, and it just kind of happened from there. He recommended me and I was approved. Now this is my sixth year on the Board.

    What led you to want to take this position?
    I was the Quality Assurance Committee chairperson, and then I was approached to be the Vice President. I think in just learning more about the mission and areas that needed help it felt like the next natural step.

    What are your major goals for the next two years as President?
    I want to explore ways to increase fundraising efforts. I would like to recruit people to the Board who are representative of the youth that we serve – that’s important. I want to help the organization where I can in refining and advancing our strategic plan. That’s been a big focus the last year – taking that organizational strategy and pushing it forward.