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Poem by Shane

    Poem by Shane

    People of this world
    Not all of them sit and stay
    Not all of them are curled in a bed
    Some of them are young
    Some of them are red
    Some of them are old
    Some of them are not fed
    Others are hooked on another’s med
    Others are wishing for anything
    Even just a piece of bread
    What would you do instead? Let them be dead?

    Not them
    Not the few
    They stay
    They care
    Not just a stem
    They stay even in loo of the things you do
    They pray
    Even when they cannot be there

    Kindness like theirs
    It’s almost a myth
    Unheard of
    Would you call it a shift?
    Not their schedule
    Always good
    Even when their life has become a duel
    The things they deal with
    They’re human
    But they still help with things like
    And a warm meal
    These are the good few
    The joyful few
    They are pretty new
    Set up to fail
    To put in the final nail
    To be gone
    Put up for sale
    The good persist
    The odds desist
    But there are things I must insist
    They are the few that consist
    Of the real
    Not hiding behind some kind of mist
    They don’t hold it against you
    They don’t keep a list
    You leave?
    But you will be missed
    A legend
    You don’t it anywhere
    Not in San Antonio
    Not in the inferno
    Not anywhere
    The times that people continue
    Not for venue
    Not for fake
    All for the genuine one in this place

    When life is full of greyness
    They’re there