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Janus Youth Programs Logo

Since 1972, Janus Youth Programs has grown to become one of the largest nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest. Our community-based programs in Oregon and Southwest Washington are recognized locally, regionally and nationally for building healthy children, healthy youth and healthy families. 

Through partnership, collaboration and innovation Janus’ programs are changing lives and building futures. 

Every year, Janus Youth Programs provides more than 43,000 meals to homeless youth

Few situations put a young person at greater risk than being homeless where they face exploitation, abuse and violence. For well over a quarter of a century, our homeless youth programs have been at the forefront of services providing thousands of youth with an accessible and supportive path out of homelessness each year.

Part of Portland’s Homeless Youth Continuum, our homeless youth services include street outreach, assessment, emergency and short-term shelter, transitional and independent housing and case management.

The Oak Bridge Shelter assists more than 385 youth in crisis every year

The recognition that Southwest Washington had no community-based services to help homeless and runaway at-risk youth and their families led to the opening of the area’s first-ever emergency shelter in 1996.  That first step to provide safety off the streets and help for Southwest Washington youth ages 9 to 17 and their families, has grown into a coordinated continuum of services that today includes street outreach, a day-time drop-in center, an emergency shelter and housing programs that now serve thousands of young people and their families from across the Southwest Washington region every year.

Residential & Re-Entry

More than 90% of the youth in our residential programs have experienced abuse in the past

For over four decades Janus has worked with Oregon’s Department of Human Services and the Oregon Youth Authority to help abused and neglected youth between the ages of 13 to 24 rebuild their lives through community-based residential treatment programs that are recognized in and out of Oregon for their successful outcomes.

Our residential and re-entry services encourage positive youth development and provide normalizing experiences and a sense of community to prepare youth for a successful transition to independent living. Across our highly specialized programs, hundreds of youth call Janus “home” from six months up to three years.

On any given night, more than 130 teen families have safe housing provided by Insights

Since 1979, thousands of young parents have built positive parenting and child-development skills through Insights’ best practice programs. With a philosophy that is both respect and strength-based, Insights’ case management and home visiting programs provide young parents with parenting skills that will lead to a better future for themselves and their children.

Scholarships for Success has awarded 54 scholarships since its establishment in 2001

Since 2001, the Janus Scholarship Fund has helped open the door to higher education for teen parents, immigrant youth and formerly homeless youth who excelled in our programs.

From completing an associate degree at a community college, graduating from a four-year university and even medical school, Janus Youth Programs is changing lives and building futures by creating a bridge to the future through our Scholarship Fund.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela